2020 Canadian Pet Community Award Winners – Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes

One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 has been filled with surprises. One thing that hasn’t been a surprise however, is how strong the pet industry has remained and how dedicated the pet community has been to continuing to provide exceptional service to their customers. PIJAC Canada hears about incredible acts of service from it’s members on a daily basis, and that’s why for many years now, we have been recognizing the stars of the industry with the Canadian Pet Community Awards. We received hundreds of nominations for Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. The race to win was a tight one, but the winners were revealed! Typically, we would have announced the winners at the Drummondville show’s cocktail, or at the Toronto show’s dinner. This year, the shows moved to a virtual platform! PIJAC Canada chose to announce the winners with an exciting video that could be shared with thousands of industry members! It is with great pride that PIJAC Canada announces the winners of the Canadian Pet Community Awards for Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes!

This year’s categories were: Manufacturing or Distribution Sales Representatives, Retailer – Independent Business or Chain Store Locations and Pet Service Provider. The Award winners were announced September 13th on the virtual trade show platform.

And the winners are:

PIJAC Canada, again, would like to thank those who took the time to nominate their favorite candidate. We are proud to recognize all the nominees for their outstanding effort in the support of pet families. Clients and the community.

Congratulations to this year’s Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes winners! It is individuals and companies like these who make our industry so special and the people who truly make a difference in the pet community.

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