Advocacy Across the Country – February

The following is a summary of the ongoing advocacy work being done by the PIJAC Canada team.  Here is what is happening across Canada:

The city of Winnipeg Animal Services Department has begun working on phase 2 of their Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw review. We have met with two city councillors to discuss the proposed reduction of available pets and continue to set up meetings with other councillors.  The city is conducting stakeholder interviews and has released a survey to obtain feedback from the public on exotic (specialty) pet ownership and abolishing their breed-specific ban.  While we are happy to see the survey, questions regarding specialty pet ownership are heavily weighted to favor reducing the number of species available. In response PIJAC Canada has:

  • Launched a paid online campaign entitled Fact vs Fiction with the purpose of correcting myths about specialty pets
  • Partnered with on a radio campaign to educate the public about the potential for Winnipeg to become the most anti-pet city in the country, encourage them to take the survey and direct them to for the facts.
  • Using online campaign, Don’t Trade One Breed Ban for an Even Bigger One, to promote our “Canada Loves Specialty Pets” e-book as a resource about specialty pets in Canada

Winnipeg city council is scheduled to meet in the spring to decide on the proposed changes to the bylaw.

On February 7th, the Ottawa Citizen published a PIJAC Canada opinion editorial, Canada’s pet trade is already a highly regulated industry written by our CEO, Christine Carrière on Canada’s specialty (exotic) pet sector.  The article was in response to a piece printed in December entitled Tiger King-esque animal abuse happens in Canada, too, written by World Animal Protection.  Articles such as these are popping up in news feeds in different cities.  Our team receives alerts about such articles and appreciates the help of members to keep us informed.

OSHAWAThe city of Oshawa is looking to review their Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw in the coming year.  PIJAC Canada has a long history of working with Oshawa on their pet-related laws and we are happy to once again be part of the city’s discussions around animal wellbeing.

We are following the small outbreak of avian influenza in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  All instances were non-pet related, however we do watch these situations very closely and remain in touch with the CFIA.  See the advisory from the CFIA for more details – Detection of high pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in Newfoundland and Labrador 2021 and Nova Scotia 2022.