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Important Information Regarding the Monkeypox Outbreak

What follows is a notice from the Public Health Agency of Canada to pet industry members about the recent outbreak of Monkeypox and how it could impact some animals, caregivers, and professionals.  Please read the text below and share it with others in your network in order to help disseminate the information about precautions and safety measures. Important […]

Advocacy Across the Country – July

The following is a summary of the ongoing advocacy work being done by the PIJAC Canada team.  Here is what is happening across Canada: QUEBEC The government of Quebec through the Ministry of (MAPAQ) is working towards adopting dog breeding methods that will improve animal welfare in a sustainable way with a focus on disease management.  […]

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Ontario – Guidelines

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHDV-2) has recently appeared in Ontario. Our team has been in contact with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to discuss the issue.  While RHDV-2 is new to Ontario, it has also appeared in Alberta and British Columbia previously. The number of […]

Canada Loves Specialty Pets!

If you have not already had the chance to read our latest whitepaper, Canada Love Specialty Pets, please download your copy.  It speaks to what a specialty pet is, the growth of specialty pets in homes, how specialty pets are regulated in Canada, and the important role they play in pet families.

Import & Export of dogs, cats, and ferrets to EU

New Requirements & Certificates Needed Notice from the CFIA: Please note that the European Union (EU) has implemented new import requirements and commercial export certificates for dogs, cats and ferrets traveling to the EU for the purposes of transiting the EU, commercial movements, and non-commercial movements of more than 5 animals. These changes are effective January […]

Update – Should families be allowed to have specialty pets?

Further to our December 7th article explaining the discussions in Winnipeg regarding what types of specialty pets citizens should be allowed to care for,  the Winnipeg Protection, Community Services and Parks Committee met on December 7th. The Committee granted an extension to Animal Services for submitting recommendations to update the Responsible Pet Ownership Proposal.  An […]

Your Board of Directors for 2022

PIJAC Canada’s annual general meeting took place on Monday, officially welcoming three new directors and thanking two long-term departing directors. We are pleased to present your Board of Directors for 2022. Departures Mike Campbell of MarCam Pet Nutrition (Ontario) has completed his final term this year after 8 years on the Board.  Thorough out his […]