Because you are a reputable business

Zoom calls, red-eye flights, and road trips.  Our team has been traveling around the country, meeting with elected officials, and making presentations about our members and the high standards by which you operate.  2022 was a busy year of speaking up for members but also for the rights of pet owners to keep their animals now and in the future.  Never before have we seen such a concerted attack on pet ownership and those who work to support pet families. If you’ve been following our across-the-country blog articles or seen our social posts this year you will have read about some of our efforts.  With the welcome addition of Tonya Martin, our VP of Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs, we doubled down our efforts and have an extremely busy advocacy agenda planned for 2023.

If you have not had the opportunity already, please renew your membership with PIJAC Canada. Your support gives us the strength we need to speak on behalf of the good work you do as a reputable business owner and promotes healthy pets in Canada.