Best New Product Showcase Awards and the Canadian Pet Community Awards Revealed at the National Pet Industry Shows.

Over 13, 000 pet businesses came together in the last few weeks, proving once again that pet sector is thriving.  We had some amazing moments as we hosted the Drummondville and Toronto National Pet Industry Shows.  Just like our Vancouver show in April, finally being able to bring everyone together in person after such a long wait was fantastic!  Here are the highlights from our Drummondville and Toronto National Pet Industry Shows.

The Drummondville edition of our National Pet Industry Show series, also known as the gateway to Quebec’s pet market, brought businesses from around the province together.  A gathering of
over 100 exhibitors combined with 1, 000 visitors and a total of over 4, 000 outlets represented made for the province’s largest pet industry gathering ever.  Additionally, the event served as a host for Quebec dog breeders to learn about changes to legislation, as well as, other info sessions. We also enjoyed a visit from Bloc Quebecois Member of Parliament, Martin Champoux, who came to the show to meet with senior staff and learn about Quebec’s pet businesses.


The National Pet Industry Show – Toronto edition is always a hot spot for pet trends.  With foot traffic topping 1, 300, over 9, 000 outlets were represented at the show, keeping the 300 exhibitors hopping all of Sunday and Monday.  In addition to presenting the Canadian Pet Community Awards, Eastern Edition, we also introduced the  John and Kelly Ayres Philanthropy Award and hosted PIJAC Canada’s Annual General Meeting.

There was a lot of excitement around the Best New Product Showcase Awards and the Canadian Pet Community Awards. These awards are voted on by industry members.  In the case of the Community awards, voting takes place online and for the Showcase Awards, show visitors cast ballots onsite.


Best New Product winner – Drummondville

Zanimo – best new product winner – Drummondville, 2022

Prix de la communauté canadienne des animaux de compagnie – Québec



Best New Product winner

Best New Product winner – MyFamily Canada – Toronto, 2022