CFIB October highlights

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CFIB’s October Business Barometer® data
Small business confidence plummets in October; retail sector posts lowest outlook despite start of holiday shopping. Small business confidence took a nosedive in October, reaching levels not seen since the early months of the pandemic amid important cost increases. The 3-month index dropped 3 points to 46.4, while the 12-month index dropped to 51.4 index points.

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Surcharging: What it means for your business
As part of a class action lawsuit settlement, Visa and Mastercard have agreed to allow merchants to decide if they want to pass on the cost of accepting credit cards to their customers. Starting October 6, 2022, businesses will be able to charge an additional fee at the point of sale if a customer wishes to pay by credit card.

What is a surcharge: find out more here.

Due to consumer protection laws in Quebec, the option to surcharge will not be available to Quebec-based merchants.


Claim up to $5,000 in a recent class action settlement!
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Has your business accepted Visa and/or Mastercard credit cards as payment at any point since March 23, 2001? You could be eligible to receive a portion of a multi-million dollar settlement in a class action lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard for restricting merchants’ ability to surcharge or refuse higher cost (*premium) credit cards.

Applications for rebates are available until December 30th, 2022 so make sure to apply fast!