Champion Petfoods launches new ACANA® and ORIJEN® premium wet foods for puppy and adult dogs in Canada



Champion Wet Food Release
November 16, 2021


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Champion Petfoods launches new ACANA® and ORIJEN® premium wet foods for puppy and adult dogs in Canada

New wet options made with high quality ingredients allow pet lovers more variety when feeding their dog


Edmonton, AB – November 16, 2021  Today, Champion Petfoods, a global leader in premium pet foods, is unveiling two new lines of wet dog food; ACANA® Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food, and ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food.

Created to meet the needs of savvy pet owners demanding the best quality ingredients for their pets, the two brands will now offer wet dog food to provide more variety as pet owners look to add rotational feeding into their dog’s diet, build a unique bowl for their pup or create a more palatable experience for picky eaters.

New ACANA® Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food provides 85%* premium animal ingredients and is balanced with 15% visible fruits and vegetables. The recipes are made in a delicious, savory bone broth to provide flavour and can be fed as a fully balanced, standalone meal or paired with ACANA dry dog food as a delicious topper. The food, which is rich in moisture and features a satisfying texture dogs love, comes in six new recipes, including poultry, lamb, duck, beef, and pork, as well as a puppy pâté.

New ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food is the ultimate in Biologically Appropriate dog nutrition. The food uses 95%* premium animal ingredients from WholePrey sources, including meat or poultry, as well as organs and bones for essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Dogs will love the large shreds of real meat! The recipes are available in several recipes, including:

  • Original recipe featuring chicken, turkey, and eggs;
  • Chicken recipe featuring chicken and eggs; and
  • Puppy recipe featuring chicken, turkey and fish.

“The demand for premium wet dog food continues to grow in Canada, because pet owners are looking for foods high in animal protein that even the pickiest of pets will love,” said James Burns, director of marketing for Champion Petfoods in Canada. “Our wet food allows dogs to have a nutritious option that can be fed on its own as a full and balanced meal or can be used a topper on our dry dog food. Regardless of how pet lovers choose to feed these recipes ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food and ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food are terrific, flavorful meal options that also help dogs stay hydrated with higher moisture content.”

Starting now, you’ll find ACANA® Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food and ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Foods on retail shelves and via online retailers in Canada. For more information, visit and

*Approximate values and excludes water for processing

†We also add natural preservatives, stabilizers and other nutrients



About Champion Petfoods

Founded in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Champion Petfoods’ purpose is to Earn Pet Lover Trust Every Day so Pets Thrive for a Lifetime. At Champion, we have been pioneers in crafting premium food for dogs and cats since 1985.  We specialize in making foods that are Biologically Appropriate to nourish as nature intended. That means we start with the finest WholePrey ingredients from both fresh and raw animal sources.  These, along with everything else we use, have been selected from carefully curated suppliers whom we know and trust.  Our foods are crafted by passionate nutrition and health experts in world class kitchens, and as Pet Lovers ourselves, we guarantee the highest quality and safety in every ORIJEN and ACANA product we make. Champion exports to nearly 100 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit


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