Christine Carrière Speaks on the International Pet Industry Summit Panel

In case you missed PIJAC Canada President and CEO, Christine Carrière speaking on the International Pet Industry Summit panel. We really hope you enjoy this fascinating discussion centered around how COVID-19 has impacted the pet industry, the challenges that lay ahead and how we are meeting them head on.  The Panel, hosted by Asia Pet Alliance and Pet Fair Asia included representatives from The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and WPA (World Pet Association) and ZZF, the Germany pet trade association.

The topics discussed were:

Anticipated disruptions the marketplace in terms of distribution and retail and direction on how to address these issues.

Restructuring of the global pet trade, with growing China/US economic tensions but also ups and downs with Canada and Europe.
The role of regional trade organizations in the facilitation of global trade and the development of growth opportunities.

Despite the pandemic our trade efforts both domestically and abroad have never stopped.  PIJAC Canada is looking at how we can shift our programs to support your businesses as you navigate the months ahead.