Davis Animal Hospital receives $10,000 worth of pet food from Hills to donate to Ida evacuees.

Davis Animal Hospital in Pensacola received a $10,000 donation worth of pet food for victims of Hurricane Ida that are currently staying in the area.

The animal hospital received donations equivalent to around 5,000 pounds of pet food and is currently giving bags away to those who cannot feed their pets because of Ida evacuation.

“Hills Pet Nutrition is a company that we work with, and they have a disaster relief team that, as soon as a hurricane happens, they reach out to communities that have been affected, and they knew that we had a lot of people from Louisiana coming to this direction,” Davis Animal Hospital’s April Ball said.

Davis Animal Hospital says evacuees just need to head through their double doors and show an ID from Louisiana to receive a portion of the pet food.

‘’The food is okay to give to dogs and cats even if it’s not their regular brand because it’s for sensitive stomachs and skin’’ says the lead veterinarian at Davis Animal Hospital.

“So it’s considered highly digestible. Highly digestible means that it’s easy on the stomach, easy on the bowels, much less chance of diarrhea, vomiting when you’re making a food switch, because you can’t always predict that you can find your brand when you travel. So, when you feed this food, you can just cold turkey feed this new diet that your dog hasn’t had, and because it’s bland and easy to digest it should sit very well with them. Your dog or your cat,” Veterinarian Michelle Stephenson said.

The animal hospital says they welcome all those who needed to quickly evacuate from Ida to come in and grab a free bag of pet food if they have a pet in need.

Credit: https://bit.ly/3Alldud