Dog walker deeply moved by a mysterious note on a cardboard box at the park 

Humans get older and so do dogs. The activities you used to do when younger can be a challenge. But one dog owner had an idea for her dog’s old toys.

Kaylee Drewitt was walking one of her young Springer Spaniel pups. As they strolled through the park, she finds a mysterious box with a note in the park. Something was written in Sharpie on its side. Curious, Kaylee got closer to read the sign. The note read:

“I am too old to play with my favorite tennis balls now. But it would make me very happy to know that some younger doggies would have fun with them. Love from Jarvis.”

Cocker Spaniel with arthritis

Jarvis the 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel, who suffers from severe arthritis, used to love playing with tennis balls, but it’s too painful for him now. He certainly made this pup very happy!

The dog was so happy that dog walker Kaylee posted about their story on her Instagram account. Jarvis’ owner even left a little message in the comments section, saying it made her and Jarvis’ day to know that the tennis balls were being put to good use.

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