Educate the next generation of pet owners

PIJAC Canada has been inspired by the Pets in the Classroom grants program for many years now. Since its establishment in 2011, the Pets in the Classroom grant program by the Pet Care Trust has awarded over 144, 895 grants to classrooms across the United-States and Canada. In the 2018-2019 school year alone, 25, 550 grants were awarded. This was the largest number of grants awarded in a single year!

Lifechanging impact

The Pet Care Trust, conducted a teacher survey which found,  having a pet in the class could have a life changing impact on the students.  Teachers started noticing better attendance, in part because students were now excited to come to school and get to interact with and take care of the pet. The pets also helped some students with anxiety.  Pets also helped to teach empathy and compassion by using the perspective of the pet to teach feelings and emotions, which can be related back to understanding the student’s own emotions and those of others. In some cases, assigning responsibility was used as a motivator to study, which increased academic performance. Pets in the classroom also help teach responsibility, increase self-esteem and social skills, heighten student engagement and decreases the need for student disciplinary measures. Needless to say, pets in the classroom are beneficial all around!

PIJAC Canada members can support their community schools

We encourage our members to consider getting involved in the Pets in the Classroom program, just like PetSmart Canada, Petland Canada Inc. and Zoo Med Laboratories have.  Your involvement can help to share the joy of pets with schools across the country. There are many ways to get involved!

The Pets in the Classroom program accepts support any amount:

$100 can provide one classroom with a pet and needed supplies,
$250 can support two classrooms for two schools’ years
$500 can bring over 150 students the joy of animal companionship.
Sponsor your favorite classroom – If you know a specific teacher or school that wants to participate in the program, you can help make that a reality!
Share supplies? You can do that too! Any contribution helps to make a difference in the life of students through the joy of pets.

For more information on how to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out to You can also learn more about the Pets in the Classroom grant program by visiting .