Specialized Pet Training Programs

Several years ago, PIJAC Canada had developed a series of specialized workshops to add to our members’ and non-members’ continuing education and knowledge.  The objective of these workshops was to review in more detail, topics and information related to specific pets.  Since then, we have started the online conversion of these programs to make them available to all.

Rabbit Nutrition Program

This program is the second of four (4) specialized programs being converted to our online platform. Although health factors and proper nutrition are equally important, the objective of the Rabbit Nutrition program is to review the nutritional needs of rabbits in particular. Let us look at some of the possible scenarios that people working or caring for rabbits are faced with.

Benefits to taking this program

Our Rabbit Nutrition program is designed to help people, who work with rabbits or who encounter rabbits on a daily basis, work in a pet retail environment and serve rabbit owners, increase and refine their knowledge so that they can offer the best and safest care possible. Earning a Rabbit Nutrition attestation is an excellent way to show to your clients your dedication to the well being of their rabbit.

Topics covered in each program specialty

  • Origin of the domestic rabbit
  • Wild rabbit feeding behaviour
  • Basic description of rabbit digestive physiology
  • Digestive anatomy
  • Dietary requirements of rabbits
  • Cecotrophy
  • The recommended diet of the pet rabbit
  • Rabbit dietary disorders

Cost of the Rabbit Nutrition Program

Member: $120 (plus taxes)

Non-members: $150 (plus taxes)

Members receive one (1) free education program per membership term by using their Member PIN. To receive your PIN, please contact programs@pijaccanada.com. Participants can also purchase individual licenses for their staff at a cost of $30 per license for members.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program can be completed depending on the dedication you put towards studying the material. On average, participants can complete the study material as well as the included online exam in 4 + hours.

How does the exam work?

The open-book exam is included. It is comprised of multiple-choice questions for each module. Once you click on the exam section of the program, you have 30 days to complete and submit it. Answers are saved and you can logout and login without losing your progress. Exam results are sent directly to our office.

When do I receive my Rabbit Nutrition attestation?

Once the exam results (70% or higher) are received, we will issue an attestation that will be sent to you by email.