Spring Edition
April 25 – 26, 2021 from 10am-6pm EST

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We always knew that COVID would not keep our business community down. To keep our industry moving forward we are hosting our second National Pet Industry Show – Virtual Edition, sponsored by StreetDog Marketing Inc. This event is in place of our usual physical Calgary show, however since it is virtual it is open nationwide. This event is an ideal way to deliver the advantages you’ve enjoyed at our traditional events and add new resources.

In reimagining our shows, it was critical that we were able to offer a platform that allowed for direct b2b networking, kept expenses reasonable, and ensured the safety of participants. The delivery method may be different this year, but the spirit of your shows remain. Step forward with us and take advantage of this new technology to carry on the tradition of building businesses, sharing advancements, and pushing the pet care bar even higher.

Please direct any questions to events@pijaccanada.com.

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Scam Alert!

Being able to offer tools, resources, and discounts to the industry is one of our mandates as an association. In able to achieve this we work with selected companies. The following is a list of the companies we deal with. If you are approached by a company other than the ones listed or you are unsure of the affiliation please do not hesitate to contact us for verification.   

We have been made aware of a fraudulent company that goes by various names called INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY (IDF), INTER-FAIRS, EXPO-GUIDE, FAIR GUIDE or CONSTRUCT DATA, targeting exhibitors at trade shows around the world. They are leveraging the brand recognition of hundreds of trade shows they have no connection to and misleading people into thinking it is connected to the event they are participating in with no recourse for mistakenly signing the form. Do not complete and return any of their forms.

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