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Have questions? No problem.  You are able to connect directly with each presenter via email.   We hope you enjoy this season’s line up and keep watch for what’s coming this fall.


The following 2021 webinars will be presented during our Spring National Pet Industry Show – Virtual Edition, April 25-26, 2021.

Love The Skin Their In – presented by Dr. Erin Marley

Dr. Erin Marley brought the experience of a decade spent in a busy small animal practice when she decided to change the course of her career and join the Royal Canin Veterinary Case Consultation Service in 2015.  More recently Erin has been transforming her clinical background, the knowledge gained from more than ten thousand nutritional consultations, and a high school-level experience in competitive improv into delivering understandable, engaging, and practical learning materials to help veterinary teams, retailers, and pet owners make the best possible decisions about nutrition for the pets in their care. 

What is normal dog skin, what does it do and what does it look like? How to recognize when your pet’s activities may be considered excessive and thus may indicate an underlying skin disease should be evaluated by a veterinarian.  What sorts of nutrients can support skin barrier function and can be delivered as a part of a pet’s diet. Includes a one-pager take home to help pet owners differentiate between normal and excessive itching.

Healthy Habits, Healthy Weight – presented by Dr. Erin Marley

How to start our cats and kittens off on the right foot using feeding practices that will minimize the risk of excessive caloric intake and thus excessive weight gain. Examples of the feeding practices include weighing out the daily ration and puzzle feeders.  This presentation also has a non-branded one-pager to remind pet owners what they learned.

The Digital Future – presented by Stephanie Dumont from StreetDog Marketing

Luna and I founded StreetDog Marketing to fill an unmet need. StreetDog has brought something unique to Canada; a marketing agency focused on pet-based businesses. My passion for pets and their role in people’s lives drove me to build a company dedicated to seeing pet businesses thrive. Before StreetDog, pet-based businesses were being served by agencies that didn’t understand the unique landscape of the Canadian pet market. I set out to build a team of pet lovers and owners who understood the importance of the human/animal bond. We are uniquely poised to serve pet-focused companies. We have worked with a wide variety of pet business owners and helped them achieve greater growth, higher revenues, less stress, more time off, and more profit.

The future of the pet industry is in the digital space. Having a robust digital platform and online presence will be crucial to the success of your pet brand. Businesses and brands without a strong online presence will be left behind. In our webinar, The Digital Future, what you need to know to help your pet business be resilient, learn how to build an engaged following and effectively reach your target audience using different social platforms, creating engaging content, and utilizing review and influencers.

Tools to succeed in today’s retail environment- presented by Berenice Giannini, eTailPet Founder & CEO

eTailPet was founded by a former independent pet retailer to empower the independent pet community in the digital age. eTailPet Founder and CEO Berenice Giannini began a chain of brick-and-mortar stores in Southern California in 2014, during the middle of the retail revolution. It quickly became evident that if this newly formed brick and mortar chain was going to succeed – or even survive – the stores would need to have an online presence. Looking at the gap between her needs as a pet store owner and the off-the-shelf options available for retailers, Berenice embarked on creating custom software to solve her own pain points, specifically targeting e-commerce and making the process informative and actionable. She built a robust e-commerce system with a smart order algorithm for inventory management and point-of-sale integration. She took this software solution and launched it to empower independent pet business owners to compete in the digital marketplace.

Learn how to not just survive but thrive amid COVID restrictions. Pet parents have changed the way they shop and retailers have to pivot to meet their needs.  Discover a fast and simple way for your customers to order online and pick up curbside.
  • Keep Orders Coming In
  • No More Payments at the Door
  • Generate Sales While Closed
  • Keep Customers & Staff Safe

The use of carbohydrates in pet food by Sophie Lavallée, M.Sc Agronomist

Sophie Lavallée is an agronomist, she holds a Masters in Animal Sciences / Monogastric Nutrition, and a B.Sc in Animal Sciences from McGill University – Macdonald Campus. She is passionate about innovation in animal nutrition, with more than 20 years of research and development expertise, including 7 years exclusively developing several new complete and balanced recipes for dogs and cats. She actively participated in the marketing of new products and the improvement of recognized brands.

I propose this presentation to demystify the use of carbohydrates in the diet of pets. Grains, legumes, and ancient grains are the subject of myths and legends on various social platforms. Either we demonize them or we consider them as sustainable and eco-responsible elements. At the same time, we are witnessing a rise in the popularity of 100% plant-based products to reduce the environmental footprint. The role of carbohydrates in the diet of pets is often poorly recognized. What if we looked at the primary sources of scientific information for a clearer picture? In this webinar, we will see where this tendency to want to include or reduce them, or even eliminate carbohydrates from our doggie’s bowls, comes from. What are the capacities of the digestive system and the known limitations in pets for using these materials? What are the performance criteria to qualify the different carbohydrates? What are the sources of carbohydrates for which there is scientific evidence? In short, this presentation will give you a better understanding of the use of carbohydrates in pet food.

Update Webinar, COVID-19: Special focus on provincial rules and programs for small business (CFIB)

To help your business cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re hosting regular webinars.

Updates will be provided by our team of experts including our senior legislative staff and resource counsellors. Time will also be set aside for our experts to answer your questions. The session this week will cover key topics including:

      • What’s new
            •  The latest COVID-19 rules and programs in your province with special guests from CFIB provincial teams

State of the US & Canadian Pet Industry: Trends & Insights by Pierre-Marc Denault, NielsenIQ

Pierre-Marc started at Nielsen three years ago as an analyst, after spending a few years in other CPG companies including Costco and Labatt. After having worked with several Nielsen clients as a senior analyst, he is now in charge of business development for Nielsen in Quebec. Working with many local businesses, Pierre-Marc helps Quebec SMEs to fully understand their market, in addition to advising them on their marketing strategies and their various marketing tactics. Being a big fan of predictive analysis, Pierre-Marc makes sure to help his customers with new Nielsen products at the cutting edge of technology.

Covid-19 impacted pretty much all consumer packaged goods categories in the 2020 year and pet categories were no exception. In-store trips for pet food, treats and supply dropped in 2020, while online penetration and sales skyrocketed. Increases in Pet ownership and “Pandemic Puppies” could lead to an influx in the size of the Pet Industry. Combined with greater E-comm competition, marketing could be more vital than ever to compete in a noising marketplace.

2020 webinars

The particularities of senior dog nutrition by Sophie Lavallée, M.Sc Agronomist

Employees, Regulations and Compliance: Be Ready BEFORE the Inspector Shows Up by Michael Kirwin (CFIB)

Pet Industry Perspective: Are You Ready for the New “Normal”? by Kenn Manzerolle (Marathon Consulting) and Niloufer Afzal (G2G Impact Group)

Content Marketing 101: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Pet Business by Stéphanie Dumont (StreetDog Marketing)

The Importance of Preventative Oral Care in Pets by Dr. Jean Gauvin, Chief Veterinarian at Kane Biotech

Product Innovation and Pet Food Shopper Psychographics by David Sprinkle (Packaged Facts)

Canadian Pet Community Awards – Winner Announcement by PIJAC Canada