Date and time to be determined – Love The Skin Their In – presented by

What is normal dog skin, what does it do and what does it look like? How to recognize when your pet’s activities may be considered excessive and thus may indicate an underlying skin disease should be evaluated by a veterinarian.  What sorts of nutrients can support skin barrier function and can be delivered as a part of a pet’s diet. Includes a one-pager take home to help pet owners differentiate between normal and excessive itching.

Date and time to be determined – Healthy Habits, Healthy Weight – presented by

How to start our cats and kittens off on the right foot using feeding practices that will minimize the risk of excessive caloric intake and thus excessive weight gain. Examples of the feeding practices include weighing out the daily ration and puzzle feeders.  This presentation also has a non-branded one-pager to remind pet owners what they learned.

Date and time to be determined – The Digital Future – presented by Stephanie Dumont from StreetDog Marketing

The future of the pet industry is in the digital space. Having a robust digital platform and online presence will be crucial to the success of your pet brand. Businesses and brands without a strong online presence will be left behind. In our webinar, The Digital Future, what you need to know to help your pet business be resilient, learn how to build an engaged following and effectively reach your target audience using different social platforms, creating engaging content, and utilizing review and influencers.

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2020 webinars

The particularities of senior dog nutrition by Sophie Lavallée, M.Sc Agronomist

Employees, Regulations and Compliance: Be Ready BEFORE the Inspector Shows Up by Michael Kirwin (CFIB)

Pet Industry Perspective: Are You Ready for the New “Normal”? by Kenn Manzerolle (Marathon Consulting) and Niloufer Afzal (G2G Impact Group)

Content Marketing 101: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Pet Business by Stéphanie Dumont (StreetDog Marketing)

The Importance of Preventative Oral Care in Pets by Dr. Jean Gauvin, Chief Veterinarian at Kane Biotech

Product Innovation and Pet Food Shopper Psychographics by David Sprinkle (Packaged Facts)

Canadian Pet Community Awards – Winner Announcement by PIJAC Canada