Webinars on Demand

Digital Marketing – presented by Stephanie Dumont from StreetDog Marketing Inc.

Over the past few years, the pet industry has undergone monumental changes. Millennials have replaced Boomers as Canada’s largest pet-owning segment. The steady shift to online shopping dramatically accelerated in the face of a global pandemic. After years of flat numbers, there was a dramatic spike in pet ownership in Canada.

These events will have a substantial and lasting impact on the industry. The future of the pet industry will rely heavily on e-commerce. Brands will need a strong digital presence to reach potential customers, connect with their audience, and grow their business.

In our webinar, learn about how Digital Advertising will be the key to success in the pet industry.

Update on Carbohydrates and Pet Food nutrition – Useful or futile ? What does science say ? – presented by Sophie Lavallée

I propose this presentation to demystify the use of the famous carbohydrates in the diet of pets.
Grains, legumes, and ancient grains are the subject of myths and legends on various social platforms.
Either we demonize them or we consider them as sustainable and eco-responsible elements. At the same time, we are witnessing a rise in popularity of 100% plant-based products to reduce the environmental footprint. The role of carbohydrates in the diet of pets is often poorly recognized.
What if we looked at the primary sources of scientific information for a clearer picture?
In this webinar we will see how the tendency to include or reduce them, or even eliminate carbohydrates from our doggie’s bowls, comes from.
What are the capacities of the digestive system and the known limitations in pets for using these materials?
What are the performance criteria to qualify the different carbohydrates.
What are the sources of carbohydrates for which there is scientific evidence regarding nutrient utilization
In short, this presentation will give you a better understanding of the use of carbohydrates in pet food.

Love The Skin Their In – presented by Dr. Erin Marley

What is normal dog skin, what does it do and what does it look like? How to recognize when your pet’s activities may be considered excessive and thus may indicate an underlying skin disease should be evaluated by a veterinarian.  What sorts of nutrients can support skin barrier function and can be delivered as a part of a pet’s diet.  Includes  a one-pager take home to help pet owners differentiate between normal and excessive itching.

Healthy Habits, Healthy Weight – presented by Dr. Erin Marley

How to start our cats and kittens off on the right foot using feeding practices which will minimize the risk of excessive caloric intake and thus excessive weight gain. Examples of the feeding practices include weighing out the daily ration and puzzle feeders. This presentation also has a non-branded one-pager to remind pet owners what they learned.

Healthy habits, healthy Cats Presented by Dr. Vanessa Tonn, Royal Canin

Understand feline personalities to meet environmental and nutritional needs.

CFIB Savings Programs- presented by Stephanie Louis, Senior Director, Partnership Operations and Relations

Significant savings you can access through CFIB; payment processing, shipping, banking, payroll processing and more!

CFIB Business Resources- presented by Stephane Bukk, National Account Executive, Business Development

Resources available to you and your employees, including online training and personalized guidance on HR issues and regulations.