Scam Alert!

We have been made aware of some fraudulent companies that go by various names:







They can call you with one of these phone numbers: 1 800 404- 2105 (under Expo key name), 925-315-5694, 702-997-9855, 800-462-0650. or another one.

They can contact you with this email:

We ask you to not accept any services from them and to protect yourself from this scam as PIJAC Canada is not a partner of any sort with the above-mentioned companies.

The last email received recently looks like this or some other:

These companies are targeting exhibitors at trade shows around the world. These companies will mail official-looking forms by mail or post, sometimes using the PIJAC Canada logo to mislead the receiver. The forms will mention your participation in our trade show, and it will appear to have a connection with us, the organizer. It will be labeled as urgent and give a deadline for the return. This will appear to be a free online exhibitor listing service, but in the fine print, an exorbitant price is listed. They are leveraging the brand recognition of hundreds of trade shows they have no connection to and misleading people into thinking it is connected to the event they are participating in with no recourse for mistakenly signing the form. Do not complete and return any of these forms 

Be careful and read everything thoroughly before signing and returning any forms. We are in no way associated with any fair directories and have asked them to stop including our fairs, with no success.  

Please warn your colleagues that may receive this kind of mail or info@ emails. If you are contacted by a company other than the ones listed below and are unsure of the affiliation, do not hesitate to contact someone from the PIJAC Canada team.  

Here is an example of the form: Click here

More information on this fraudulent company can be found at the following websites:

Partners and Vendors 

Being able to offer tools, resources and discounts to the industry is one of our mandates as an association. In able to achieve this we work with selected companies. The following is a list of the companies we deal with. 

PIJAC Canada current partners  
  • CFIB – Canadian Federation of Independent Business (membership partnership)
Trade shows vendors 
National Pet Industry Show – Vancouver

Transportation: YRC REIMER
Furnishings: Levy


  • Marriott Vancouver
  • Executive Vancouver
National Pet Industry Show – Drummondville

Transportation: YRC REIMER
Furnishings: FREEMAN
Electricity: PLAV Audio
Internet: Centrexpo Drummondville 

Cleaning: Centrexpo Drummondville 


  • Hotel & Suites Le Dauphin
  • Hotel Quality Suites Drummondville
  • Grand Times Hotel Drummondville
National Pet Industry Trade Show – Toronto 

Transportation: YRC REIMER
Furnishings: FREEMAN
Electricity: FREEMAN
Internet: The International Centre
Cleaning: Caldas Building Services 


  • The Westin Toronto Airport
  • The Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Airport

Mailing and Email addresses are strictly used for the relay of information on industry events, alerts/news, and opportunities.  Addresses are not sold to outside organizations. The PIJAC Canada list of show visitors will never be sold by a third party. All active, exhibiting members can access these lists through PIJAC Canada only. 

If you are approached by a company other than the ones listed below or you are unsure of the affiliation please do not hesitate to contact us for verification.