April 14 2019 from 10am to 5pm
April 15 2019 from 10am to 3pm

Schedule of events

Sunday April 14 2019 – Big Four Building, Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB

10am to 12pm Seminar – Reptile Lighting and Heating by Dr. Kerry Korber

In this workshop the topics of reptile lighting and heating are covered, with a brief overview of the physics of light and heat, a more indepth look at reptile’s lighting and heating needs, a look at reptile diseases as a result of improper lighting and heating and some information on customer relations. Contact programs@pijaccanada.com if you are a PIJAC Canada member and you with to receive the member discount before registering online.

Price: Members $25 – Non-members 55$

1pm to 3pm Seminar – Rabbit Nutrition by Dr. Kerry Korber

The objective of the Rabbit Nutrition Specialty Workshop is mainly to review the nutritional needs of rabbits. It also covers a brief overview of wild rabbits’ feeding behaviour, the origins of the domestic rabbit, its digestive physiology and anatomy, its dietary requirements and recommended diets, as well as common dietary disorders. Contact programs@pijaccanada.com if you are a PIJAC Canada and wish to receive the member discount before registering online.

Price: Members $25 – Non-members 55$

Dr. Kerry Korber grew up in Saskatoon and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985, after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English and completing two years of an Agriculture Degree in Animal Science.  Kerry has dedicated her professional career to the care of exotic species since purchasing Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic in 1987.  In 2018, Kerry passed over the reins of ownership and now works at the clinic part time, where she still enjoys seeing her clients and their critters.   Kerry spends her time away from the practice at the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine.  As a sessional instructor, she not only teaches what she loves, but also gets to spend time working more closely with the students in their communication labs.  Over her career, Kerry has done contract work for the Calgary Zoo, Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, and Raven Brood Trout Station.  She has shared her passion and her knowledge of exotic pet species with her peers, veterinary and animal health technology students, pet stores and the public through various continuing education classes, externship programs, class room lectures, pet symposiums, and pet clubs.  Kerry will always have a special interest in bird medicine and behaviour, something that extends into her favourite pastime of birding.   Over the years her many pets have included a number of birds (with a leaning to zebra finches and Orange-winged amazons), lizards, hamsters and cats, but at present, she shares her time with her Löwchen, Paddy.