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BRENDA HREDIL: Kane Pet Supplies
She goes out of her way to make sure we know all about the products they carry, doing mini-seminars even at night, using her cats as guinea pigs for new products, and telling us about all the best deals to get. She even referred me to buying the shop I have now, passing along the info that the shop was for sale. She helped ensure a smooth transition from my Alberta store to BC and gave me a lot of support as well. While she was in Mexico on vacation, she still texted me information I needed on a product. Anytime we have a customer issue with a product she is there for me. She has been the best liaison between her company and myself at both of my businesses, explaining the situation to her boss in a better way than I could. This really facilitated the purchase of my new store and sale of my old store. Each visit brings discussion on her new products, why we need it and how it helps our clients. We are a boutique store, so Brenda always gears her sales and discussion around what would WORK in our store and not what she wants to peddle. When I have a question, Brenda will text back within 2-3 minutes DAY OR NIGHT! email the same. We go to Brenda for every question we have on her products, questions to help clients deal with an issue and she is always is so fast with solutions, discounts and returns/guarantees on the products. For all of our community fundraisers Brenda will always donate a gift basket and provide us with boxes of giveaways and free treats to pass on. Brenda has the MOST AMAZING customer service. We are not a huge account and we are a new store, but we see Brenda more than any other rest. She has no issue putting time into help us grow.


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LISA SLATER: Kane Veterinary Supplies
Lisa Slater has been our Kane rep for a few years now. She is always ready to help in any way asked. Whether it’s live Facebook videos, explaining a new product or delivering items that we have needed promptly. She has a passion for pets and it shows through her experience and expertise. Her ability to coach us on current products is one of her many qualities that she possesses, which makes her deserves this award. Not only does this ability help in our sales but builds the confidence that is needed by the staff. She is never pushy and is always open to questions and/or suggestions. She’s even taken part in some of our live Facebook Videos to demonstrate her knowledge of the Products that she sells. She is very personable and kind, and is willing to help in anyway possible. She’s very knowledgeable about canine and feline nutrition, which she confidently demonstrates whenever we see her. Lisa in the past has gone above and beyond to bring us products that we were in need of via her own vehicle. She never has any issues discussing products with our customers should they need some advice or have concerns or questions about the products she sells. Lisa has participated in many of our events such as our annual anniversary Paw-ty which helps raise money for local charities 🙂 She has also came to the store on her own time during the weekends to do demos on multiple products Lisa just ROCKS !! Good ol fashion customer service that is hard to find.


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