February Certified!

PIJAC Canada wants to shine the light on the individuals who take their education and training seriously. What better way than to showcase the ones who have completed certification by announcing it to all the industry! They should be proud because they took the time and received their PIJAC Canada Pet Care Training Certification this month. And new this year, we’re going “green” by sending our certificates electronically! No more waiting for your certificate in the mail and then receiving it all bent and damaged in the mail! You can now display it on your social media and profiles! Here are this month’s new certified pet professionals in no particular order:


Rabbit Nutrition Workshop

Stéphanie Touillet – Chico Terrebonne
Brandie Faust


Canine Program

Caroline Perron – Elevage Caroline Perron
Karelle Duperon – Centre d’animaux Nature
Ashley Li – Western Dog Grooming School
Erin MacNeil – Western Dog Grooming School
Anna Polkovnikova – Western Dog Grooming School
Bailey Hasz – Western Dog Grooming School
Kayla Yard – Western Dog Grooming School


Feline Program

Julie Gagnon – Animo Etc Varennes
Vicky Lacroix

Reptile Program

Shay-Lynne Bresky – S & S Reptiles





Avian Program

Véronique Bérubé – Chico Beaujarnois
Julie Gagnon – Animo Etc Varennes


Small Mammal Program

Christal Lapierre
Julie Gagnon – Animo Etc Varennes


Fish Program

Julie Gagnon – Animo Etc Varennes


Dog Talk Workshop

Sophie Leduc
Cindy Lajoie – Western Dog Grooming School
Bianca Bologea – Western Dog Grooming School