Our goal is to foster the success of responsible Canadian businesses, helping them to thrive.  PIJAC Canada’s expertise has been recognized in many areas is regularly sought by municipalities across this country as well as by agencies from the provincial and federal governments.  We work with our members to guide them through legislative processes and collaborate with government agencies to develop fair and efficient solutions to support both business and the wellbeing of animals in Canada.  The resources below are tools that have been created by the association and through collaboration with our sector colleagues to address some of the issues faced by the industry.

National Companion Animal Coalition

Sample municipal bylaw regulating the keeping and controlling of companion animals
An enlightened approach to companion animal control for Canadian municipalities
Do Breed Bans Work? (PDF document)
Microchip Identification Standards (PDF document)
NCAC Joint Letter in Support of Bill C-84 (PDF document)


Exotic animal policy
Canada’s statement on the responsible sale of pets

How Groomers Help Keep Pets Healthy

January 8, 2021 – Amidst the second wave of the pandemic we are once again imploring the Government of Ontario to classify health-related grooming as an essential service in the province.  This letter was sent along with an attachment entitled “How Groomers Keep Pets Healthy”.  Please forward this to your colleagues as we are encouraging groomers to write to their local MPPs using similar messaging and to also include their own pictures of the harm delayed grooming is causing. We will keep you apprised of developments as they come via our social media channels.

Update on Grooming in Ontario – February 4, 2021