Grant Crossman joins PIJAC Canada Board of Directors

It is our pleasure to announce the addition of Grant Crossman to our Board of Directors. It is our good fortune to have an individual of Grant’s caliber join us in leading PIJAC Canada successfully into the future. We are very pleased that he has accepted our offer to join our Board.

Grant started in the pet business in 1988 with the acquisition of a first pet store, the Port Credit Pet Centre, with wife Yvonne. He was the president of the Ontario Herpetological Society from 1992-1996. As President of the Canadian Pet Expo’s Inc. umbrella of events which welcome over 200, 000 pet enthusiast at pet consumer shows promoting responsible pet ownership: Canadian Pet Expo, Niagara Pet Expo, Ottawa Pet Expo, Gatineau Reptile Expo, Pointe Claire Reptile Expo and the Toronto Reptile Expo’s

Since 1994 he’s been actively working on advocating for the pet specialty industry and pet families on municipal, provincial, and federal legislation bridging both sides of the cage – the enforcement officers with the specialty pet enthusiasts. This included presenting the written bylaws for the Toronto amalgamation and working closely with Mississauga officials in creating one of Canada’s pet friendly municipal regulations in both Re-writes of the present bylaw over two decades.

In 2000 established the advocacy group CanHerp representing the interests of reptile enthusiasts from zoological facilities to pet industry stakeholders to specialty pet families. “I firmly believe that responsible pet ownership starts at pet industries door, how we all conduct ourselves and present ourselves seeds the next generation of responsible pet owners” says Mr. Crossman

Moving forward, PIJAC Canada will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities of our Board members possess. Collectively, the balance of experience and animal welfare on our Executive will serve to propel us well into the future with good momentum. PIJAC Canada happy to welcome Grant Crossman to our Board of Directors and look forward to his valuable contributions.