Guppy Importations No Longer Require AAH Permits

Our colleagues at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have sent the following update regarding the Susceptible Species of Aquatic Animals List.  Please note that guppies can now be imported without an aquatic animal health import permit.


As per the Notice to Industry ( ) posted by CFIA March 31, 2021, CFIA has made updates to the Health of Animals Regulations and the Susceptible Species of Aquatic Animals list. Specifically, CFIA has added 12 species of aquatic animals to the list and removed 7. The 12 added species will now require an aquatic animal health import permit and have aquatic animal health related import requirements, while the 7 removed will no longer require an aquatic animal health import permit or have aquatic animal health requirements. I have detailed the 12 being added and the 7 being removed below, but of particular interest for PIJAC members will be the removal of aquatic animal health and import permit requirements from guppies, Poecilia reticulata. P. reticulata  can now be imported into Canada without an aquatic animal health import permit, as it is not susceptible to any diseases of concern to Canada.

12 species being added:

Cyclopterus lumpus                 lumpfish
Gambusia holbrooki                Eastern mosquitofish
Lampetra planeri                     European brook lamprey
Melanotaenia fluviatilis         Murray river rainbowfish
Notemigonus crysoleucas      Golden shiner
Pungitius pungitius                 Ninespine stickleback
Rutilius kutum                          Kutum
Rutilus frisii                              Roach
Salmo marmartus                   Marble trout
Salmo obtusirostris                 Adriatic salmon
Sander lucioperca                    European pike-perch
Palaemonetes pugio                Daggerblade grass shrimp

7 species being removed:

Acipenser transmontanus      white sturgeon
Aulorhynchus flavidus           tube snout
Leuciscus idus                          orfe
Maccullochella peelii              murray cod
Poecilia reticulata                   guppy
Salvelinus leucomaenis          east siberian char
Tinca tinca                                tench

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