Have you been nominated for the 2020 Awards – Western Canada Region?

See who’s already been nominated for the 2020 Canadian Pet Community Awards in Western Canada.  See below how to become a nominee or to nominate your favorite sales representative, service providers or retail businesses. 

Nominations for the Canadian Pet Community Awards – Western Region, are open until March 20th, 2020.  For the 3rd year in a row PIJAC Canada will honor our hard working members. These awards highlight the effort made by all companies and individuals who work hard for animal welfare through public education about animal care, responsible ownership and their involvement in the pet community. 

How does it work? If you know an amazing retailer, sales representative, or service provider, you can nominate them to win the Canadian Pet Community Award. Simply fill out the nomination form! One nomination represents one vote for your favourite individual or business. You’ve been nominated? Encourage others to submit their nominations as well! The more nominations a potential candidate receives, the stronger their chances of winning. But remember, nominators can only put forward the same candidate once. The Top 5 candidates with the most nominations will be announced after March 20th and the grand reveal will take place during our cocktail at the National Pet Industry Trade Show in Vancouver, on Sunday, April 26th.  

See a nominee you like?  Increase their chances of winning by nominating them too! 

Here are our eligible nominees so far, for the Canadian Pet Community Awards – Western Canada Region: 

Distributor’s Sales Rep Category

  • Jeff Muzyka – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Erika Biggar – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Jason Lesmeister – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Thomas Gronberg – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Tyler Lemom – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Alex Harris – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Gary Haluza – Kane Pet Supplies
  • Brad Avery – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Jason Landstorter – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Christine Valin – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Darren Leedell – Kane Pet Supplies
  • Ed Van Mill – Kane Pet Supplies
  • Kurt Schmitdke – Cichlid Wholesale
  • Lisa Slater – Kane Pet Supplies
  • Kelly Gulbranson – Maddies Natural Pet Products
  • Darrin Wilson – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Paul McGrath – Burgham Sales Ltd
  • Andrew Boyce – Cichlid Wholesale
  • Phil Turton – Anipet Animal Supplies
  • Kaveh Mirzaei – Maddies Natural Pet Products
  • Robert Zaccarelli – Pan Pacific Pet
  • Patrick Swanson – Tri-Natural Products Inc.
  • Jenn Da Costa – XPOWERS Canada
  • Mike Gillett – Maddies Natural Pet Products
  • Bonnie Burton – Avafina Pet Products

Manufacturer’s Sales Rep Category

  • Mitchell Cheng – Canadian Naturals Pet Food
  • Dean Villaceran – Petcurean Pet Food
  • Nick Florian – Firstmate/Taplow
  • Jace Bakun – Petcurean Pet Food
  • Jeff Murphy – Petcurean Pet Food
  • Kaitlin Ray – Firstmate/Taplow
  • Kelsey Osborne – Rolf C. Hagen
  • James Henry – Firstmate/Taplow
  • Lauren Hoines – Champion Pet Foods
  • Anna Macht – Petcurean Pet Food
  • Janice Pestun – Nutram
  • Jennifer Burke – Natural Balance Pet Foods
  • Katherine Hall – Boreal (Lincold Biotech Canada)
  • Norm Stevens – Natural Balance Pet Foods
  • Carol Hanson – Rolf C. Hagen
  • Alana Brandson – Champion Pet Foods
  • Amy Stubbs – Ziwi
  • Jason Robson – Petcurean
  • Rob Macquisten – Petcurean
  • Campbell Woods – Primal Pet Foods
  • Penny Johnstone – Royal Canin

Independent Retail Category

  • Pisces Pet Emporium
  • Elemental Canine Inc.
  • A Pet’s Life
  • Dexter’s Your Local Pet Shop
  • Pets West
  • The Lloydminster Pet Pad
  • Indigo Petz

Chain Store Category

  • Pet Valu – Cranbrook
  • Global Pet Foods – Cochrane
  • Global Pet Foods – Sherwood Park
  • Bosley’s by Pet Valu – New Westminster
  • The Bone & Biscuit – Grande Prairie Westgate Drive
  • Petland – Medicine Hat
  • Global Pet Foods – St-Albert
  • Homes Alive Pet – South Edmonton
  • Global Pet Foods – Edgemont
  • Petland – Kamloops

Pet Service Provider

  • Airdrie Puppy Pals