How PIJAC Canada Cares for Pets

Did you know that the welfare of animals is not just found in the humane, rescue and healthcare sectors of the pet industry? PIJAC Canada is a trade organization that supports pet businesses nationwide. We believe that animal welfare is everyone’s business from pet professionals to media, government and the public.

Here’s a list of initiatives that PIJAC Canada carries out in order to ensure that Canadian pets are receiving the best care possible.

1. Recommend Practices for pet businesses

For each new business that joins PIJAC Canada, we provide them with our association’s recommended practices to use as a guide for conducting a reputable pet business. For our retail members, we offer our free Best Management Practices program which provides guidance and support for pet stores in their day to day operations.

2. Offer a Pet Care Program for pet professionals

Our Pet Care Training Program was developed by veterinarians and pet industry experts to effectively train people who work with pets on a regular basis in the field of proper animal husbandry. The program covers six specialties; canine, feline, avian, small animal, freshwater fish and reptile.

3. Collaborate with animal health and welfare agencies

We are a founding member of the National Companion Animal Coalition which includes the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, Canadian Kennel Club and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. This group has worked together to develop tools which promote socially responsible pet ownership.

4. Educate the public

As a trade association, our primary focus has always been to assist pet-related businesses. As such we have developed tools for our members to use with their own clientele to help educate them about various issues such as a definition of a puppy mill, safe handling posters for pets, invasive species education, salmonella prevention, checklists to purchase/adopt a dog or cat.

5. Collaborate with governments on pet legislation

Collaboration has always been one of our driving forces which is why we have contributed to hundreds of pieces of pet-related legislation over the last 30 years. We offer assistance through consultation and by providing guidance papers to municipalities and provinces on various issues such as our exotic pet policy, stocking density guidelines for different species and sample municipal animal bylaw. Other government partners include the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Environment Canada, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada and Health Canada.

PIJAC Canada strives to make the pet industry a better place through all of these initiatives. We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach when looking out for the welfare of animals because “Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business”.

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