LIVE Committee of PIJAC Canada

Animal welfare is everyone’s business has long been a mantra for PIJAC Canada.  Without the dedicated focus on the wellbeing of the animals and care products our industry offers to the community, we would not have the businesses we are so passionate about.  Animal wellness must come first.  Over the years animal care and wellbeing issues have been overseen by both our Board of Directors and Advocacy Committee.  For decades we have worked with all levels of government and stakeholder agencies on issues facing Canada’s pets.  Requests and need for our involvement have significantly risen, so to meet that need we are pleased to announce the formation of a dedicated committee which will oversee animal health and legislative concerns.  The PIJAC Canada Live Committee was officially approved at the annual June board meeting and already has been very busy addressing topics across the country.

The genesis of the Live Committee was a wonderful coming together of two committed groups.  In working through previous advocacy issues our team would reach out to different members for input, having called on many experts over the years.  Earlier this spring we were approached by a collective of live animal professionals asking for stronger representation within the association and offering their expertise for a stronger unified voice.  This is exactly what we needed.

The proactive addition of this LIVE Committee within PIJAC is central to our ongoing efforts to advance in the continuum of animal welfare, from the best industry business practices to pet homes and families and will allow for a more comprehensive and responsive pet industry to the various external pressures. Animals and pets are at the very heart of every sector of the pet industry, and we could not be happier for this new expertise.

Members of the committee include:

Board Chairperson – Craig Brummell Board Director – Grant Crossman
Board Vice-Chairperson – Steve Schlichtmann Exotic Wings and Pet Things – Mark Koenig
Staff : CEO – Christine Carrière
Staff: Dir. of Communications – Susan Dankert

Supporting groups include:

CANHERP – Canadian Reptile Hobbyists

TICA – The International Cat Association

Canuck Cat Club

CAOC – Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs

OARA – Ottawa Amphibian Reptile Association

Durham Rabbit Cavy Club

Canadian Coalition of Exotic Pets

CAZA – affiliates communications

Richmond Hill Avicultural Society

London Cage Bird Association

Manitoba Herpetological Society

BC Reptile Keepers

Little Res Q Turtle Conservation


Western Canada Budgerigar Society

Montreal Reptile Association

Canadian Ornamental Pheasant Game Bird

Calgary Parrot Club


Ethical Parrot Owners

Axolotl Canada

Ontario Cavy Club



With the strength of over 1500 members, including the groups listed above, we welcome this new strength to our animal welfare efforts.

Welcome, Grant Crossman to the PIJAC Board of Directors.