Member Spotlight: Hot Dogs All Dressed

Hot Dogs All Dressed Inc is an example of an extremely successful business within the Canadian Pet Industry. Viva Singer started by making her rescue boxer a collar because she couldn’t find anything that was strong enough and made of a natural material. That collar launched the business in 1996. With perseverance and drive, Viva started visiting local pet stores and trade shows to sell her collars.

Benny, Viva’s rescue boxer that inspired her first collar

Now, Hot Dogs All Dressed sells collars internationally. The collars are different because they allow owners to  tell a story through customization. To this day, every collar, leash, harness, and muzzle is still made by hand in their studio in Montreal. Hots Dogs All Dressed has thrived for over two decades due to care and attention, with no shortcuts.

One of the biggest challenges for Viva was learning how to delegate as her business grew. She says that “it’s great for keeping you sharp in your old age because you have to learn all the moving parts – how to ship, how to do accounting, how to do sales”, but being behind every decision and being able to steer through the more difficult times was challenging.

Viva’s biggest accomplishment is the fact that she has so many loyal customers. She has received thousands of letters over the year from people who have love collars and keep coming back for more. They have been the go to for developing a safe muzzle when breed restrictions came into place, head halters that correct the dog in an anatomically correct way, fun durable ID tags, and collars and leashes that make life a little more exciting.

Viva shared that “PIJAC Canada has been great for Hot Dogs all dressed inc.It’s sometimes lonely being an entrepreneur without having other companies to learn from and share problems that help us all in the long run and PIJAC Canada has been great for helping me build my network with many other companies that has ultimately helped grow Hot Dogs all dressed inc to the company that it is today. ” PIJAC Canada’s many member benefits have “helped us to find new customers” and PIJAC Canada “has been a great support system for answers to questions in the industry if we needed it. Over the years we have made many friends out of colleagues and that always makes work a more interesting place.”

PIJAC Canada is extremely proud to have members such as Hot Dogs All Dressed. From a custom collar for her own dog in 1996 to an internationally recognized business, Hot Dogs All Dressed is an example of a great Canadian pet industry success story.

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