Member Spotlight: Petcurean

The Petcurean Team

“Quality first, pets first, without compromise.”  These are the principles that Petcurean have founded themselves on for the last 20 years. It all started in the Fraser Valley when two friends came together, wanting to create better food for pets.

It takes a lot of grit to be become a successful business and Petcurean has achieved this both at home and abroad.  Maintaining a thriving business is not without its challenges as they consciously navigate the rapidly shifting landscape. According to Annabelle Immega, Trade Marketing Manager for Petcurean, “The pet industry is getting increasingly saturated with new and growing brands, and the abundance of choice and conflicting information makes it difficult for consumers to make educated decisions about what to feed their pet. We try not to get distracted by the latest trends and instead keep a laser-like focus on using the most current pet nutrition research to create premium recipes that stand out on the basis of quality.”  Immega goes on to say, “Another big change is how the channel lines are shifting and the challenge this poses for independent retailers. Their continued success is very important to us, and we put a strong emphasis on nurturing those partnerships with marketing and training support so they can maintain their position in the community as trusted resources for pet nutrition knowledge and high-quality products.”

When it comes to evolving diets, science is key for Petcurean. Their recipes are developed in Canada by Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, Petcurean’ s nutrition manager. Dr. Adolphe holds a PhD in companion animal nutrition as well as a M.Sc. in human nutrition, which has equipped her with the vast knowledge required to create such high quality, highly specialized, premium pet food recipes. Rather than focusing on trends, Dr. Adolphe and her team focusses on creating premium recipes that stand out based on quality.

Bringing the recipes to market involves choosing partners with values that align with the company.  For example, Petcurean offers a line of pet food called GATHER, which is made from organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their partners must meet strict sustainability criteria based on 5 key pillars: following humane animal welfare practices, protecting water suppliers and limiting water use, protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods, ensuring the preservation of natural resources and actively working to preserve biodiversity. Creating quality pet food that is sustainably produced is an accomplishment that Petcurean takes a lot of pride in. Afterall, every action, big or small, makes a difference!

Petcurean’ s founding motto is to put pets first, which they strive for in everything they do. Their commitment to research, their customers and to animal advocacy is clear.  One terrific example is their initiative called, Uplift the Underdog campaign, which is designed to increase adoption consideration for dogs who are less likely to get adopted due to traits like age and appearance. Petcurean continues to make a big impact in the pet industry.

Petcurean has been a PIJAC Canada member since 2004. They have made a name for themselves at our domestic shows and as long time participants in our Canadian Pavilions at international trade events.  They have been a wonderful supporter of the association in many ways, including their sponsorship of events such as our National dinner last year, helping to create opportunities to network and nurture the retailer, manufacturer relationship while supporting positive relations between competitors.  It’s this forward thinking attitude which makes us proud to have Petcurean as part of our network.