Member spotlight: Royal Canin

Royal Canin receive the VETTY Award in the in the Best in show (for-profit) award category!

” The VETTY Awards is a competition dedicated to the creative marketing in the animal health advertising, design, digital, experiential, and social marketing. The competition is open to marketing campaigns for products and services that support the animal health community, including pharmaceuticals, pet foods, diagnostic equipment, professional associations, pet advocate organizations and more.

The 2020 VETTYs Award was put on hold due to COVID-19, and this year’s competition included entries from 2020 and 2021.

The competition featured several new categories dedicated to some of the marketing evolution that took place during the initial pandemic lockdown, including awards for virtual events.

The top prizes, including Best In Show (For-Profit), Best In Show (Non-Profit), Judges Awards, Large Animal Award and the NAVC Spotlight winner were announced live on-stage prior to the start of VMX’s traditional Monday concert presented by Merck Animal Health.

The Grand Prize Winners were:

BEST IN SHOW (FOR-PROFIT) AWARD: Situations, Stressors & Suggestions Mental Wellness (video) Series from Royal Canin and their agency partner LIBRIX

BEST IN SHOW (NON-PROFIT) AWARD: Penn Vet New Bolton Center Holiday Message 2020 Public Service Video from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

NAVC SPOTLIGHT AWARD: Good Vibes Concert Series from P3 Veterinary Partners and Starshot Studios

LARGE ANIMAL AWARD: Cattle Animated Videos from Merck Animal Health/SAFE-GUARD & RALGRO and Signal Theory


· “More Than Medicine” integrated campaign from Boehringer Ingelheim and Wunderman Thompson

· Curby’s Curbside Games app by CareCredit and Stephens & Associates

· “Your Pet Does A Lot for You Too” video from Nationwide and Veteos. ”