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Which membership type is best for you? Select from the following and see the benefits of becoming a member.

Category A members include:

Boarding Kennel • Breeder • Groomer • Non-profit organizations • Pet sitter/walker • Pet trainer • Retailer with animals • Retailer without animals • Veterinary clinic/hospital

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Category B members:

Associate Member • Applies to individuals only. No voting privileges.

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Category C members include:

Distributors • Livestock Dealers • Manufacturers

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Category A

$180 per year – CLICK and become a member now!

(Retailers require one membership per store).

Category B

Category C

Basic Membership (1 to 5 employees) $260 per year
Basic Membership (6 to 10 employees) $465 per year
Basic Membership (11 to 49 employees) $825 per year
Silver Executive Member (50 to 149 employees) $1290 per year
Gold Executive Member (150 to 249 employees) $3090 per year
Platinum Executive Member (250+ employees) $5150 per year


Silver Executive Membership benefit

Gold Executive Membership benefit

Platinum Executive Membership benefit