‘My Cat Is a Thief’ 

‘My Cat Is a Thief’

June 30, 2021 – Esme’s owner Kate Felmet from Oregon has a kleptomaniac cat.

She decided to take action after her cat Esme kept bringing home other household items, which the feline stole from their neighbors.

Felmet put up a sign in her yard reading “My cat is a thief.” Next to the sign sits a clothesline filled with items Esme has come home with, which are encouraged to take back should they recognize something of their own that’s gone missing.

“I had the impression she was a little mad about it” said Felmet to KOIN.

Since then, Esme has brought home a wide variety of items, including “several bathing suits, knee pads, rolls of tapes, packages of paint rollers and lengths of fabric.”

And when it comes to gloves, Esme has a particular way she likes to show off her handiwork.

Full story here: https://bit.ly/3jth4Pb 

Picture credit: KOIN