NEW STUDY: Showing Your Dog Love: how people pamper their pups (with NOW FRESH part of the Petcurean) family

15 July, 2021 – A recent study on pet care and food purchasing habits was commissioned by NOW FRESH, part of the Petcurean family and conducted by OnePoll.

In summary:

Released earlier this week, the study polled 2,000 American dog owners and found a staggering 91% of respondents pay close attention to what their dog needs, with 89% worry about their pet’s comfort as seasons change.

With this in mind, and as we move into the ‘dog days’ of summer, the results of this recent survey may be of interest to your readers. Other notable statistics from this study include the importance dog owners place on food when it comes to pet care:

  • 87% of respondents – or nearly 9 in 10 dog owners! – reported that what their dog eats is very important to them,
  • 67% add variety to their dog’s diet as a way of pampering them,
  • 79% read the ingredients in their pet’s food before buying it,
  • >75% exclusive buy food that uses premium quality ingredients.

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NOW FRESH, part of the Petcurean family
Showing Your Dog Love

Six in 10 dog owners admit they care about their pet so much, they consider themselves “helicopter parents.”

A survey of 2,000 American dog owners found a staggering 91% pay close attention to what their dog needs, with 89% worrying about their comfort as the seasons change.

In order to protect their pup from harsher weather, dog owners are most likely to buy them a sweater (46%), winter coat (40%) or rain jacket (37%).

Seventy percent have even made major changes to their lifestyles for their pets. Pet parents have started exercising more (39%) buying pet-friendly furniture (31%) and moving to pet-friendly buildings (26%).

More than four in five (87%) treat their dog as a valued member of their family and three in four insist their pup knows how spoiled they are.

Commissioned by NOW FRESH, part of the Petcurean family, and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed pet care really shines when it comes to food. Nearly nine in 10 (87%) said that what their dog eats is very important to them.

Two in three (67%) even see adding variety to their dog’s diet as a way of pampering them.

Seventy-nine percent read the ingredients in their dog’s food before buying it and more than three-quarters will exclusively buy food that uses premium quality ingredients.

For 60%, premium quality means being made with fresh ingredients, such as fresh, natural whole foods (63%) or options that have a limited raw or frozen shelf life (33%).

Other indicators for premium quality ingredients that people look for are high protein meat (46%), organic options (38%), no artificial colors or preservatives (34%), and non-GMO (33%).

Two in three Americans have cooked a special meal for their dog — especially on their dog’s birthday (44%), after coming home from a long trip (22%) or on their adoption anniversary (18%).

Some respondents recalled the most extravagant meal they made for their dog: beef stews, an entire venison leg and a dog-friendly cake.

One respondent said they once made their dog “a nice roast duck with an organic, dog-friendly herb sauce.”

When buying day-to-day food for their furry friend, dog owners prioritize quality ingredients (63%), a reasonable price point (55%) and functional benefits (41%) — such as probiotics that support healthy digestion.

“Dogs have worked and lived alongside humans for thousands of years, and it’s no surprise they were the first domesticated animal when you think about the deep bond that you develop over time with your pup,” says Radhika Kaistha, brand manager of NOW FRESH. “They 100%, wholeheartedly, and completely depend on us to make the right choices for their health & wellbeing, and in return they offer us unconditional love and priceless companionship. Our pets bring out the best in us, help us stay grounded, and remind us to cherish the little moments in life. Our time with them is precious, so it’s important we make the right decisions for our furry family members.”

For dog owners who have opted to switch food brands, the most common reason is seeing positive customer reviews (35%), receiving recommendations from the veterinarian (33%), or receiving recommendations from family/ friends (32%).

Sixty-eight percent would even take the extra step to positively review a dog food brand if they saw improvements in their pet such as a shinier coat or fresher breath. Another 33% would rave of a brand that has a wide variety of products.

“A complete and balanced diet is such an important part of caring for our pets. As pet parent’s ourselves, we’re passionate about helping others feed their cherished companions a healthy, and trustworthy diet because happy, healthy lives are in the balance,” continues Kaistha. “Using fresh meats and fish, keeping processing to a minimum and preserving the nutrients and flavor are key to support the unique needs of dogs at specific ages and sizes to help them thrive throughout their lives.“


  1. Birthdays                                                  44%
  2. Coming home from a long trip             22%
  3. Adoption anniversary                             18%
  4. Major life events                                      18%
  5. Before leaving for a long trip                16%
  6. I always cook my dog’s food                 15%
  7. Pet-sitting                                                12%






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