Once upon a time an Easter bunny!

Once upon a time an Easter bunny!

Happy Easter! We all know that: rabbits bring our chocolate eggs for Easter… but why?

Originally, it was more of a hare that brought the eggs. The tradition of associating rabbits and eggs is said to be of German and Alsatian origin, as rabbits represent a symbol of fertility, abundance, and proliferation. The tradition of offering them in chocolate is said to be an initiative of the 18th-century merchants. On the other hand, in Germany, it would be a white rabbit that brings the eggs, in Switzerland, it would be cuckoo and elsewhere it would be a fox.

Another German legend states that a poor woman could not afford to spoil her children. She decorated some eggs that she had hidden in the garden and sent her children to fetch them. The children saw a rabbit and thought that it was the rabbit that had laid the eggs.[1]

This tradition spread to America in the early 1700s with the arrival of German immigrants. Their children would decorate nests for the rabbit to lay those eggs in and leave a carrot for the rabbit to eat (although rabbits do not only eat carrots, as we explain in our rabbit nutrition program here). This is how this tradition gradually spread to America.

As for chocolate, well, we can only advise you to enjoy it!

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