Pet Food Association of Canada Annual Dialogue

“Quality is in our Nature”, is the tagline we use when hosting Canadian Pavilions at international shows.  Provided by Brand Canada, these words summarize our production reputation around the world.  Never was this more clear that at May 14th’s meeting held by the Pet Food Association of Canada.  This day-long dialogue was a deep dive into the intricacies of pet regulation and the profound involvement of scientists, government agencies and business working together to ensure the integrity of pet food produced in Canada.  Government agencies spoke about navigating the complexities of trade regulations, the certificate status of Canadian shipments with numerous countries and the importance of adhering to the Domestic Substance List. Peter Taber of the Pet Food Institute in the US spoke of our shared challenges in trade, and Chris Nash of PFAC updated participants on ongoing discussions around GMO’s, technology and the FDA.

Chris Nash
Director, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations

Relatively speaking the pet food sector makes up a small percentage of our country’s gross domestic product, however, there is nothing small about the work and the dedication of those involved in keeping it running.  It was a pleasure to be invited to attend the Dialogue.  Our congratulations go out to Marty Wilder and Chris Nash of PFAC for putting on an excellent event.