Petcurean debuts two new categories as part of go! Solutions collection for cats and dogs


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Four new GO! SOLUTIONS recipes for cats and dogs will be added to the company’s existing line-up of premium, solutions-oriented pet food

Chilliwack, BC (March 31, 2022) — Petcurean, a producer of premium quality pet food brands available in more than 30 countries around the world, is excited to announce the addition of two new categories and the launch of four new recipes for cats and dogs to their GO! SOLUTIONS Collection. The two new categories, GO! WEIGHT MANAGEMENT + JOINT CARE and GO! DIGESTION + GUT HEALTH, each include one dry food recipe for dogs and one for cats in which help meet the needs of consumers who are readily switching to functional recipes.


The new recipes will be available to order this spring, and debuted at Global Pet Expo from March 23-25, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The four new recipes are:

GO! Digestion + Gut Health Salmon Recipe with Ancient Grains for dogs
GO! Digestion + Gut Health Salmon Recipe with Ancient Grains for cats
GO! Weight Management + Joint Care Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for dogs
GO! Weight Management + Joint Care Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for cats


Like all other existing recipes in the GO! SOLUTIONS collection, these recipes have been formulated by Petcurean’s expert nutrition team, and feature premium quality ingredients, zero by-product meals or artificial preservatives.


“We are thrilled to be adding two new categories to our GO! SOLUTIONS collection, and to provide new solutions and options for pet parents to choose the best possible nutrition for their precious pets,” says Kambria Newton, Petcurean’s Trade Marketing & Communications Manager. “We recognize that pet food is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ and our GO! SOLUTIONS line is designed to help meet the unique dietary needs of cats and dogs throughout their life. We are committed to supporting pet parents in their pet nutrition journey, by providing varied, high-quality recipes made with premium ingredients our customers have come to love and expect.”


With the addition of these two new categories, GO! SOLUTIONS now include:

● Skin + Coat Care: Solutions for dogs and cats to support healthy skin and shiny coats.

● Sensitivities: Solutions to support dogs and cats with food sensitivities or intolerances

● Carnivore: Protein-rich solutions for dogs and cats to support strong, lean muscles.

● Digestion + Gut Health: Solutions for dogs and cats to support the gut microbiome and healthy digestion.

● Weight Management + Joint Care: Solutions for dogs and cats to support healthy weight and joints.

Learn more about the GO! SOLUTIONS collection here.



GO! SOLUTIONS is a premium dog and cat food brand offering functional, solutions-oriented recipes crafted by expert pet nutritionists. Made with premium-quality ingredients, GO! SOLUTIONS recipes are formulated to address common dietary issues and preferences to satisfy picky eaters and support strong muscle development, healthy skin and a shiny coat, food sensitivities, and healthy digestion and weight control. Each nutrient-dense recipe is carefully crafted to provide peace of mind to pet parents looking for solutions for their pet’s unique dietary needs while helping them look and feel their best. Recipes contain complete and balanced nutrition and a drool-worthy flavour that pets love. For more information, visit


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