PIJAC Canada Fills New Role of Executive Assistant

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Lori-Anne Thibault into the PIJAC Canada family, stepping into the role of Executive Assistant. With her team-oriented mindset and acute sense of organization, Lori-Anne brings a fresh outlook on new ways of executing tasks within the organization.

Equipped with an Honours Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications from the University of Ottawa and La Cité, Lori-Anne has a passion for project management, communications and planning. Her previous experience in communications, administration and corporate recruiting have shaped her to be a chameleon of some sorts, having the ability of taking on various projects and bringing them to term. Lori-Anne loves to take on challenges and tackle them with a creative approach.

Lori-Anne will aim to provide support to PIJAC Canada’s team members, to together achieve the mission of providing support to pet businesses and ensuring the well being of pets across Canada.

Please join us in welcoming Lori-Anne Thibault to the PIJAC Canada team!