PIJAC Canada Toronto – National Pet Industry Show will be Virtual


PIJAC Canada Toronto – National Pet Industry Show will be Virtual


Dated: June 22, 2021

We can now confirm the National Pet Industry Show – Toronto – Virtual edition will be taking place September 19 – 20, 2021.  While we had been hoping to host an in person event, after reviewing the available information, it was clear a virtual event was the wisest choice.


“This was one of the hardest calls we have had to make.”, said Craig Brummell, PIJAC Canada Board Chairman. “While we are confident about the recently announced in-person show in Quebec in October, Ontario is just not there yet. As other provinces move more quickly through their reopen stages and providing safety guidelines for large indoor gatherings, Ontario has been very slow and has not shared any parameters.  This has pushed us to the very outside limit of time needed to begin arranging logistics for the show. Finally, based on input from exhibiting companies and sales rep conversations with clients, it was determined that our community would support a virtual event.  With these factors in mind, a decision was made and now our team finally gets to move forward with the planning.”

Now for some exciting news, thanks to feedback from retailers and help from our exhibiting companies, we were connected with Order Ease one of Canada’s top online event portals. This new platform will make placing orders at the show much easier and will provide a more streamlined experience for exhibitors and buyers. We are very excited to be providing this new event portal.

With the decision made, things will begin to move quickly. Exhibitor registration will open the second week of July.  Please continue to follow our social media channels and emails for updates. If you have any questions please email Emma Cowie at emma.cowie@pijaccanada.com