Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Ontario – Guidelines

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHDV-2) has recently appeared in Ontario. Our team has been in contact with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to discuss the issue.  While RHDV-2 is new to Ontario, it has also appeared in Alberta and British Columbia previously. The number of cases may be tiny, however, this disease is highly contagious in wild and domestic rabbits.  It is critical that caregivers take stringent precautions including changing clothing and footwear if visiting locations with other domestic rabbits or hiking in natural areas.  A full list of precautions and additional information to prevent the spread of the disease among companion animals and commercial premises can be found on the OMAFRA website.  Please take a moment to review the link and use it to help educate staff and clients.