RC Pets – 33 years in business!

Congratulations to RC Pets who celebrated their 33rd anniversary in business!

RC Pets story began in 1986 in Whistler, British Columbia, when a young entrepreneur by the name of Rory Carr began making products for skiers and snowboarders who play in Canada’s rugged mountains.

After mistakenly ordering 10,000 instead of 100 yards of nylon webbing for ski straps, Rory did not want the product to go to waste. He realized this same tough, dependable webbing could be perfect for dog leashes and collars, and he was right. It was a steep learning curve and breaking into the pet market was anything but a walk in the park, but in 1995 Rory was in the pet business.

They have come a long way since those days, as too has innovation, technology, and their understanding of the pet/guardian relationship.

For RC Pets, there is a special connection they have with their fur buddies: to our furry friends, the human family is their entire world, and they are ours. It is a relationship built on trust, companionship, security, and love! The RC Pets team (and their furry office companions) are committed to enhancing it by designing pet products you can trust.

Whether it is a snuggle indoors or a run in the woods, RC Pets is proud on providing products that add something extra special to the unique pet/guardian relationship.

Pictured is RC Pets top dog, Miller, with guardian, Rory, who set off on a mission up a mountain with ski straps in mind and led RC Pets on a great adventure to the pet industry!