StreetDog Marketing: Exclusive discount for PIJAC members!


StreetDog Marketing: Exclusive discount for PIJAC members!

StreetDog Marketing has unveiled their ‘Boost Up Members’ proposal developed specifically for fellow PIJAC Canada members valid until December 30, 2020.

Here’s how it works, StreetDog Marketing is offering a $299 ‘Boost Up Members’ incentive. During a 45-minute consultation, StreetDog Marketing will work with PIJAC Canada members to review business goals, establish target audiences, refine existing marketing plans and review sales numbers.



The Boost Up Member Package Includes:

  1. We will create 8 eye catching social media posts with stock images, captions and a hashtag strategy for you to use across your social channels including your logo. Content is created based on your pet business goals, your brand personality, and a number of other factors.
  2. We will write one, 300-350word blog post for your pet business. The ideas can come directly from you or, not sure on where to begin, that’s ok, we have plenty of ideas.

To view more on this promotion, please visit: PIJAC Members – StreetDog Marketing

We are always looking for new ways to support your business.  For more information, and to set up your ‘Boost Up Members’ consultation, reach out to StreetDog Marketing at 800-945-4051 or

StreetDog Marketing focuses on helping Canadian pet businesses with their marketing efforts. With the help of our experienced team at StreetDog Marketing, business owners are revamping, refreshing and rejuvenating their marketing efforts with confidence. .