Sweeping New Regulations Stop the Sale of Some Specialty Pets in Saskatchewan

Tuesday we were made aware that new Captive Wildlife In Saskatchewan regulations were enacted as of June 1st 2021. These regulations severely restrict the sale and ownership of many speciality species that, until May 31st, were available through pet stores. To our knowledge, there was no outreach to the hobby groups and business owners of the province who could have given detailed input for this exercise and ultimately would be directly affected by these measure. We are connecting with the province to push hard for further discussion.

Please review the link to the regulation. Please note there are three different lists, the
a) Allowed List – limited list of pets permitted in the province,
b) the Division 1 Restricted List – this allows pets a time to be removed from province with an export permit and,
c) Division 2 Restricted List – this list is the grandfather clause allowing those pets presently in homes, zoos, institutions to live out their lives but not be replaced or bred.

Both Division 1 and 2 prohibit the transfer of the listed species within Saskatchewan from one keeper to another.
On the Division 2 List the Parrots, Parakeets, Budgeriars, Uromastyx, Leaftail Geckos, Cave Geckos, Boa Constrictors etc. are all prohibited now for sale in the province of Saskatchewan. The media is painting this as a wildlife issue and has not publicized the true impact this will have on pet owners who have domestically bred pets.  For those of you with clients and connections with hobby groups in Saskatchewan, please make sure they are aware of this.

This issue is not only about business, but the wellbeing of these pets in Saskatchewan and the support given by our community to pet families in the province who care for these animals.  We will be in contact as the situation develops.  Should you have additional information to add please email ceo@pijaccanada.com.