There is a New Training Treat in Town

Training dogs requires a form of positive reinforcement. They are the perfect way to tell a dog that they have done well. Your customers have probably heard of dry treats, but have they ever heard of a soft and chewy training treat? Oven Baked Tradition’s Soft and Chewy treats are so good, they won Best New Product at our Expozoo show!

We got in touch with Tammy Grenon, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Bio-Biscuit to learn more about these innovative training treats.

1. What was the inspiration behind the Soft and Chewy treats?

It all first started with our soft & chewy liver training treats as we wanted to re-invent the conventional biscuit. The dehydrated treats were just starting to be present on the market, so we needed to be creative. We therefore innovated by presenting our Soft and Chewy training treats.

2. What makes Oven baked tradition’s Soft and Chewy treats better than other treats?

With the years, we innovated by developing an expertise with the oven baking of our all- natural soft and chewy treats. They are not extruded, therefore it makes them so much more savory and useful during training due to their pleasing taste and texture.

3. Do you plan on expanding the Soft and Chewy product line to other flavours in the future?

Of course, we will always develop new treat products that meet the same high standards as our super premium quality dog food in order to satisfy our furry friends and their pet parents.

4. Where can the treats be purchased?

They are available at your local specialized pet store.

Congratulations to Oven Baked Traditions on their Best New Product Win, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!


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