This Could Be You! Canadian Pet Community Awards – Quebec, Ontario & Maritimes Regions Launch

Attention! If you are or know an amazing retailer, sales representative, or service provider, this news is for you!

Nominations for the Canadian Pet Community Awards – Quebec, Ontario & Maritimes Regions, will be open from June 1st to August 1st.  For the 3rd year in a row, PIJAC Canada will honor our hard-working members. These awards highlight the effort made by all companies and individuals who work hard for animal welfare through public education about animal care, responsible ownership, and their involvement in the pet community. (Full Details)

NEW: Single Step Nomination Process!

Nominate a candidate who meets the award criteria by simply entering their name and contact information. Each nomination counts as one vote. The more nominations a potential candidate receives, the stronger their chances of winning. Nominators can only put forward the same candidate once. (full details)

The top 5 candidates in each category will be announced in the last week of July.

Access the nomination Quebec and Ontario & Maritimes forms here, or keep an eye out for an email heading your way soon.

For more information, please contact us at .