Update – Should families be allowed to have specialty pets?

Further to our December 7th article explaining the discussions in Winnipeg regarding what types of specialty pets citizensCanada Loves Specilaity Pets Thumbnail English thumbnail should be allowed to care for,  the Winnipeg Protection, Community Services and Parks Committee met on December 7th. The Committee granted an extension to Animal Services for submitting recommendations to update the Responsible Pet Ownership Proposal.  An extension of 120 days was granted to deliver a report on the dangerous dog legislation (aka Pitt bull legislation) and exotic animals.  . An extension of  60 days was granted to deliver a report on the remaining elements outlined in the RPO proposal.  We are in support of the extra time allotted and look forward to working with the city and other stakeholders. Below is the official project update provided by the City of Winnipeg. The council meeting can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx-tX8By6iw (the RPO portion starts at ~ 4:37:48)

If you have not already had the chance to read our latest whitepaper, Canada Love Specialty Pets, please download your copy.  It speaks to what a specialty pet is, the growth of specialty pets in homes, how specialty pets are regulated in Canada, and the important role they play in pet families.