Use PIJAC’s online business community to hyper-target your digital ad campaigns

Access PIJAC Canada’s Pet Business Network

Every year we engage thousands of pet businesses across the country through our events and industry news, now we can help you engage them too. PIJAC has been working with a company called Feathr which offers a digital advertising platform that gives you access to our online business network so you can serve clickable ads to our audience. In other words, rather than just targeting your own website visitors or broader audiences on Facebook, Google or Linkedin, you can significantly increase your reach.

Reach prospects you may not otherwise have on your radar.

Ad retargeting with us allows you to also target pet industry professional people who have visited the PIJAC Canada website for our events, resources and industry news. Our web visitors include pet retailers ( independent and chain stores) and can also include mass merchandisers like Walmart and Canadian Tire, as well as grocery chains like Loblaws and Sobey’.

Our advantage over Facebook, Google and Linkedin

If you are already serving ads using Google, Facebook or Linkedin, you will be reaching a broader mix of people that may not necessarily be qualified, whereas by serving ads through PIJAC Canada you will be able to reach hyper-focused or warm prospects. Basically, wherever our audience goes online, your ad will be there. So it doesn’t really matter where they go, they are going to see your ad.

The best pet-sector networking you never had to do

All this activity is tracked with a real-time reporting dashboard. You can also track the progress of individual ads so you can test different messages, calls to action or individual pieces of content so you can determine which elements are most compelling. This also allows you to pause underperforming ads, leaving more ad views for your most compelling messages.

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Getting Started!

There are more details such as audience size, your own real-time reporting dashboard, the ability to test out content, and redistribute your ad views. Our media kit will show you the options available and special rates for members. Feathr works specifically with nonprofits so we don’t pay through the nose and neither will you! Contact to get started right away.