Welcome to 2021 where rabbits do not only eat carrots!

Several years ago, PIJAC Canada had developed a series of specialized workshops to add to our members’ and non-members’ continuing education and knowledge.  The objective of these workshops was to review in more detail, topics and information related to specific pets.  Since then, we have started the online conversion of these programs to make them available to all.

It’s time to change that stereotypical image of a rabbit eating a carrot! Do you know why? Well, this is your chance to learn more about our precious bunnies!

2021 is not just about the resolution of a new diet; it’s also the time for a proper diet for our rabbit friends. Come learn and discover more in our brand-new Rabbit Nutrition program. Trust us, you will learn a lot, you will better serve your customers and better care for your rabbit!

This is an online program, so you have the flexibility to choose the time and place to complete the course!

Find out more about it here: http://bit.ly/3qsinP1

For more information, please contact us at programs@pijaccanada.com