PIJAC Canada History

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council began its operations in the United States on December 7, 1971. The purpose was to put together a concerted effort to defeat proposed changes to legislation affecting the transport of live animals. Today the PIJAC acronym is recognized around the world as a leading authority for the pet industry in areas such as education, information and advocacy.

PIJAC USA has been instrumental in bringing the international recognition the movement presently enjoys. From this original organization, other PIJAC associations have emerged in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The on-going need for sharing of information and resources has in addition resulted in the creation of IPAC, the International Pet Advisory Council, of which PIJAC Canada is a founding member.

PIJAC Canada

PIJAC Canada became a recognized legal entity in March of 1988. As with PIJAC USA, the association came about as a result of the need for industry representation on legislative issues, initially at the municipal level and later at provincial and national levels. At that time, other existing pet trade associations were asked to join PIJAC Canada. This established PIJAC Canada as the unified voice of the Canadian pet industry.

Since its inception, PIJAC Canada has experienced tremendous growth, both in its membership base and in the services it offers to the industry at large. With its 6 regions, PIJAC Canada has continued to build the support from its members as well as its credibility through its actions in three key areas:


PIJAC Canada develops policies and guidelines on key pet industry issues and informs its members of all the latest legislative and industry developments through its publications, newsletters, updates, policies, guidelines, seminars and trade shows.


PIJAC Canada offers continuing education and programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of pet industry professionals. These include training in pet care, husbandry and behaviour, retail store certification and business training for pet retail owners and staff.


PIJAC Canada effectively represents the interests and concern of its members at all levels of government, on many issues that have an impact on their day-to-day operations, such as responsible pet ownership, breed bans, imports of pets and pet food products and animal health.

As a result of the continued support of its members and, in an effort to respond to the Canadian pet industry’s ever-changing needs and challenges, PIJAC Canada continues to grow and evolve as a strong, unique, national organization.