What is Habitattitude?

Are you an aquarium hobbyist, backyard pond owner or water gardener? You probably know that most fish and aquatic plants that can be purchased in a pet store are likely not native to Canada.

These species may be introduced into Canada’s natural aquatic environment. Once they become established, controlling their spread becomes next to impossible. Invasive species cause the following negative impacts on our environment:

  1. Reduce natural biodiversity
  2. Make lakes and rivers unusable for recreational and commercial activities
  3. Increase operating costs of drinking water plants, power plants, dam maintenance and industrial processes
  4. Degrade ecosystem functions

Enter Habitattitude.ca, hosted by PIJAC Canada as an initiative to increase public and industry awareness of the environmental risks and problems associated with the release or escape of invasive alien plants and animals from aquariums, backyard ponds and water gardens in Canada. Visit the Habitattitude website to learn what aquatic species are of particular concern and about laws and regulations regarding acquisition, collection, possession, purchase, sale and release.

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