Wilder Harrier, now available for puppies! It changes everything!

Wilder Harrier, now available for puppies! It changes everything!

Wilder Harrier is a Canadian brand of dog food and treats based on alternative proteins with a low ecological footprint. It is a great option for everyone that wan’t to do their part for the planet and wants peace of mind when it comes to great food for their furry best friends. In addition to providing environmentally friendly solutions for dog owners, all Wilder Harrier products are healthy, high in protein and hypoallergenic.

Its products include dog food made with protein from invasive insects or fish like Asian carp, as well as treats made with protein from crickets or leftover fruit and vegetable pulp. Thanks to his customers, Wilder Harrier is proud to say that he has so far saved over 72 million liters of water, 250,000 kg of fruit and vegetables, as well as 133,000 kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse.

Wilder Harrier dog food is easily digestible and improves gut health, strengthens the immune system, does not contain any common allergens and is rich in omega-3s; the ideal solution for your dog!


Wilder Harrier is proud to announce that they are launching a new recipe for puppies! With their hypoallergenic options, Wilder Harrier’s food is the perfect way to get your puppy on track for a long and healthy life! With prebiotics for maximum gut health, antioxidants to boost the immune system and an innovative protein, black soldier fly, that maximize digestibility, your puppy will be sure to have everything they need to become the perfect best friend.

They also offer puppy food made from Asian carp, an invasive species that must be fished to save aquatic ecosystems! This recipe contains all the nutrients and ingredients your dog needs for a strong immune system, healthy brain
development, and a healthy gut. Your puppy deserves the best!

Photo credit: Chantal Lévesque
For more information, please visit https://fr.wilderharrier.com/pages/puppy-farmed-insect