Winnipeg maintains specialty Pet Regulations

Last Thursday it was determined that specialty (exotic) pets in Winnipeg could continue to be part of the city’s pet community. The citizens of Winnipeg have spoken. In a nutshell, the exotic pets item was not reintroduced as a recommendation at the council, having been defeated at the committee level, and therefore that portion of the responsible pet ownership bylaw will not change. This means there will not be a reduction in the common types of specialty pets traditionally available to Winnipeggers. The city will maintain the prohibited list instituted in 2013.

Thank you to everyone who came together to work on this issue. PIJAC Canada has always worked with stakeholders towards advancements in animal care and helping to ensure appropriate pets are available to Canadians.

Rodger Salm – Petland Canada (top) Grant Grossman – CanHerp, PIJAC Board Director & Live Committee Chair (bottom) Christine Carrière – PIJAC Canada President & CEO (right)